We like to keep things simple, so we have very much trimmed and simplified this page for convenience. Terms :

  1. Orders placed once can be refunded only if order is not started or somehow we were unable to deliver the order. Its your duty to read description and understand what you are buying.
  2. No disputes shall be placed on PayPal before reaching us and getting a response from us.
  3. Since all services are digital, there are no definite gurantees or warranties.
  4. If there are drops observed in quantity over time, we can refill them on your request. You should reply on chat portion of page for that particular order.
  5. Refills cannot be provided after 6 months from the date of purchase.
  6. We can ban you from our services forever if we feel you are exploiting our services in any way. Once banned, we wont offer services to any of your accounts, ever.
  7. We can change the prices, quantity, quality of services without prior notice. We can also close services and re-enable them if needed without prior information to anybody.
  8. Although time to start is mentioned on each order, but there can be delay upto 12 hours in some cases, you should not make disputes on PayPal for that.

Last updated on October 01, 2018